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Cover for Making Curriculum Matter

Making Curriculum Matter: How to Build SEL, Equity, and Other Priorities into Daily Instruction

A curriculum that matters is one that is intentionally designed to address five valued outcomes of learning in ways that are unique and reflective of the community it serves. 


Ensuring a High-Quality Curriculum: How to Design, Revise or Adopt Curriculum Aligned to Student Success

A high-quality curriculum incorporates key attributes into its design to ensure all students engage in meaningful learning experiences. 


Conversations about Quality is a new podcast featuring three passionate educators committed to passing along lessons they’ve learned as professional learning facilitators. Each episode focuses on quality related to a particular practice or aspect of learning, teaching or learning. Angela facilitates these sessions with Diane Cunningham, a professional learning facilitator committed to fostering reflective practice and Jennifer Borgioli Binis, a freelance editor and researcher who supports education authors.

  • Episode 1: A Conversation About Managing Quality Feedback
  • Episode 2: A Conversation about Quality Reflection

BAM Radio: Smarter Curriculum Design: What Works, What Doesn’t with Chaunite Garrett


LCI Ensuring High-Quality Curriculum Conference

Brookville, NY 2017, 2018, 2019

ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

  • Curriculum that Matters, Nashville, TN 2018
  • Ensuring Quality Curriculum, Orlando, FL 2017

ASCD Annual Conference

  • Assessing the Critical Thinking Demands of Web 2.0 Tools, Philadelphia, PA Conference 2011
  • Multiple Measures for Grading and Reporting Purposes, San Antonio, TX Conference 2010
  • Reflection: Pause and Think About Learning, Orlando, FL 2009
  • Beyond Tests to Multiple Measures of Student Performance, Anaheim CA 2007

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