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What matters most to an educator?

The greatest reward for any educator is the smile, the ah!, the question, the curiosity, and the willingness to engage, that comes when students are learning. The act of learning may seem far off from educators planning stages but the decisions about what and how to teach, as well as how to assess it, can greatly impact student learning.

Angela Di Michele Lalor provides high-quality, personalized professional learning experiences that are designed to engage teachers and their students in
Meaningful Teaching and Learning.

About Angela

Angela Di Michele Lalor has facilitated school wide professional learning initiatives for over 20 years with educators from all disciplines, grade levels, roles and types of schools.

A nationally recognized expert in curriculum design, Angela believes that curriculum is an underused tool that can greatly improve student experiences in the classroom. When teachers work collaboratively to create or revise their curriculum to ensure it is strongly aligned to valued outcomes, they look at teaching and learning in new and different ways. Students benefit when they are invited into the curricular process, making decisions about what they will learn, how, and how they will share their learning with others.

Using her knowledge and experiences, research from the field and her practical approach to professional development, Angela provides highly customized and engaging learning experiences for educators that can impact student learning.

Angela Di Michele Lalor
Author of

How To Build SEL, Equity, And Other Priorities Into Daily Instruction

A curriculum that matters is one that is intentionally designed to address five valued outcomes of learning in ways that are unique and reflective of the community it serves.

Author of

A high-quality curriculum incorporates the key attributes described in this book to ensure all students engage in meaningful learning. Included are practical tools and examples of how to use these attributes to evaluate or create curriculum that is designed with your students in mind.

Video Introduction

How can teachers align curriculum with what matters most to school communities?

In this ASCD video I explain how aligning curriculum to valued outcomes can impact teaching and learning.

Highlighted Publication
In my newest Edutopia post, I provide educators with 3 ways to move SEL into curriculum and instruction.
Highlighted Publication

Read my new article in ASCD Express, 5 Elements of a Relevant Curriculum, to learn how, by examining curriculum through the Curriculum That Matters Framework, educators can gain clarity about what they are teaching and why.

Teachers sitting at student desks talking
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Listen to my conversation with Cassie as we discuss how curriculum design can empower teachers and greatly improve student experiences in the classroom.

Listen to the podcast here: Curriculum Design That Empowers Teachers with Angela Lalor – Create-Abilities

Professional learning Services

Angela’s services are specifically designed to meet the needs of schools and educators and are tailored to all learning environments for faculty and students.

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Angela is the author of Ensuring High Quality Curriculum and Making Curriculum Matter: How to Build SEL, Equity and Other Priorities into Daily Instruction. Find out more about her books and other resources.

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Quality curriculum, assessment and instruction requires ongoing learning and reflection. Angela shares her thinking about meaningful teaching and learning.

The Curriculum that Matters Framework identifies important outcomes for learning yet provide each school the necessary leeway for having its own approach, enabling curriculum and instruction to be responsive to the students and community that the school serves.”

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