Read my new post in Edutopia about how diagnostic learning experiences engage students in their learning while providing teachers with information about their starting points for instruction.

In this post on Edutopia, Charles Sperrazza and I describe 5 important practices to support professional learning that impacts teaching and learning.

My recent article, Building Equitable Learning Experience through the Formative Assessment and Feedback Process, has been published in the NYSASCD Impact Journal. In it I explain how when appropriately leveraged, formative assessments can be used so all students have access to high expectations in a way that honors student’s individuality and supports them to become independent, self-regulated learners.

Teacher talking with two young students
(Photo credit: Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages.)

Read my newest post on Edutopia, Feedback that Empowers Students, to learn how feedback can be a formidable learning tool when it is clear cut and tailored to the individual student.

Read my publication on Edutopia to learn more about how to develop collective efficacy by building a culture of learning..


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