I provide highly customized professional learning services

For the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work in many schools around the country facilitating curriculum, assessment, and instruction programs. I’ve helped individual teachers update their entire approach to teaching and whole faculties transform their school by working collaboratively to reflect and think deeply about their practices. Changes in teacher practice can be seen in the classrooms I have visited and the student work I have examined.

as a Tool

My particular interest has always been curriculum design. As a teacher, I was not satisfied with typical textbook lessons. I created projects where my students researched, worked in groups, and found creative ways to present what they learned. This led me to focus on curriculum as an instrument that does much more than identify what needs to be taught.

When the attributes of quality featured in “Ensuring High-Quality Curriculum” are used when designing a curriculum that aligns to the “Curriculum that Matters” framework, curriculum can be used as a tool to provide all students with an excellent and equitable education.

Angela Di Michele Lalor

Meaningful Teaching & Learning

To help schools achieve their goals and carry out their vision and mission, I provide highly customized professional learning services. These include curriculum reviews, professional learning programs, written feedback and coaching.

I invite you to use the resources you find, share them with your friends and reach out to me to learn more about the services that I provide and how I can help you impact student learning.

“Angela has a wide variety of skills and expertise to share with districts to improve their approach to curriculum, assessment and instruction. Her greatest gift is finding unique and appropriate entry points for any group and customizing or tailoring the work to that particular group’s individual needs.”

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